We transform.

We are transformative consultants. We transform companies, organisations and managers. We take what is already there, and together transform it into something even better. We do this by working with values, leadership and process management. Transformation is a process of change where everyone contributes. It is only then change is lasting.

We are the obvious choice.

We are the obvious choice when you want to put your values into words, shoulder greater social responsibility and live as you learn. When you want to be better at leadership and when you want your changes to be long term and lasting.

Only 100% satisfied clients is good enough for us.

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We tailor our work. Is there anything you wonder about? Check out our FAQ.

We know what we are doing.

400 processes and 15 years of experience in leadership and management skills.

Our belief.

That companies and organizations that put their social responsibility into words, but also live like they learn, are more successful.

That managers who lead based on their values and are primarily based on the people they lead, create better results.

That processes where everyone is given the opportunity to contribute, and are systematically worked through, creates lasting change.


We coordinated the strategic work of YMCA Sweden. We launched Makttrampolinen, mentorship network program, an assignment from the European Parliament. Founder Founder Josephine Bladh stepped in as interim manager of Swedish Youth Federation for LGBTQ Rights. We worked for the non-formal adult education organization Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan (SV). Process management assignments, talks, coaching for leaders and managers.

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