We tailor our work.
We start with the person or group we meet.
A systematic approach to preparation, realization and conclusion.



We vary methods that allows everyone to contribute, because together we know the best and the most.

Norm criticism.

We make visible and criticize unwritten rules to ultimately even out power.


We help you to know your values, lead by them, take responsibility for, act and live by them.

Large dose of energy.

We inject energy and inspiration, because it will make us get further.

After 15 years as a leader and manager in civil society, we know how to lead changes in line with the organisation’s and your own values. We have completed over 400 processes. We have tested, developed, changed and tested again. We had a notion that our way of leading processes and being manager manager was established. It is not. It is unique. It is successful. It is proven.

We don’t do training. We don’t do workshops. We lead processes in order to create engagement and change. Each process is unique and everyone should contribute to it. Only then it will become lasting. The transformative consultant will create opportunities for the group, not the other way around. For transformative consultants, email bam@josephinebladh.se.

Learn more about our previous work

Process management that create change.

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